Project FIND


Organizational Development

We helped Project Find, a senior housing and service organization on the West Side of Manhattan, to complete a strategic plan and to conduct an internal staffing assessment of its senior management team. Project FIND serves over 3,000 seniors in four community-based senior centers and operates three buildings that include almost 600 units of affordable and supportive housing for seniors. Its target neighborhood is experiencing extraordinary gentrification that threatens to alter its character in ways fundamentally hostile to low- and moderate- income seniors. Our work assisted Project Find in evaluating its current strengths and weaknesses, in creating a common vision among senior staff, board and key stakeholders and in delineating strategies to achieve that vision in this rapidly changing environment.

As part of the strategic planning process, we interviewed staff, board members and senior management from peer and key funding organizations in order to discern Project Find’s accomplishments, opportunities and internal and external challenges. We reviewed the organization’s financial statements and the financial condition of its operating properties. For our staffing assessment, we reviewed staffing structure, reporting relationships and job descriptions, as well as board functions and committee structure. We also examined performances and goals of individual divisions within the organization. We compiled the main themes and findings from this information-gathering process and developed recommendations and action steps centered around these key strategic issues.

A key component of our work was an ongoing engagement with the senior staff of Project Find and select members of the board to help implement recommendations, work that continued until key benchmarks were reached.