One Global Economy Corporation

Washington, DC


One Global Economy Corporation (One Global Economy) is an international, nonprofit organization that employs innovative technology and media programming to help low-income communities around the world. One Economy brings broadband internet access into the homes of low-income families, employs youth to train their community members on technology and provides public-purpose media programming that shares important information on topics such as education, jobs and health care. Its mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of income and location, can maximize the power of technology to improve the quality of his or her life and enter the economic mainstream.

Scope of Work

One Global Economy retained Alembic Community Development in late 2008 to conduct a strategic planning process for the organization. During the winter and spring of 2009, Alembic Community Development interviewed numerous members of the organization’s senior staff and Board of Directors. Interviewees were asked to comment on topics such as One Global Economy’s greatest strengths, accomplishments and opportunities, as well as internal and external challenges, and programmatic priorities, among others. Alembic Community Development then formed recommendations based on the interviews and presented them in a strategic planning process report and a final presentation to Directors and senior staff members.


One Global Economy retained Alembic Community Development during a time of great opportunity and unprecedented challenges. The organization was approaching the end of its first decade in the months surrounding the 2008 presidential election and ongoing financial crisis. Alembic Community Development’s work with One Global Economy was instrumental in helping the organization reassess itself, both operationally and programmatically, in order to prepare for challenges in its external environment, take advantage of historic opportunities and continue to grow and prosper in its second decade.

One Economy Corporation

One Global Economy brings access to technology to low-income areas both nationally and internationally.