In My Backyard:
A Profile of Hunts Point Community Plan

South Bronx, New York


The Sustainable South Bronx (SSB) is a Hunts Point-based organization committed to environmental justice through innovative, economically sustained projects that are informed by the needs of the community. Founded in 2001, the organization addresses land use, energy, transportation, environmental education, and water and waste policy issues in order to advance the environmental and economic rebirth of the South Bronx.

Scope of Work

Alembic Community Development assisted Sustainable South Bronx staff in the design and implementation of a community visioning process in order to focus on the community development needs, priorities and aspirations of residents. Alembic Community Development and SSB worked to engage the community in this process at a critical time in the Hunts Point neighborhood, especially in light of the City’s proposal to develop a new jail in the neighborhood.

The process and resulting documents had a primary focus on workforce development, as well as on affordable housing and quality of life (with a concentration on public safety and community health). The two organizations utilized several information-gathering techniques for the process including community surveys, interviews with community residents and leaders, focus groups addressing workforce development issues, Local Advisory Committee meetings, and a community meeting to present summary findings from the process. The visioning process culminated in a Community Profile & Vision Report, which provided an essential resource to the Hunts Point neighborhood to help ensure that community development efforts were responsive to the community’s aspirations, assets and needs.


  • The planning process served to organize community residents and leaders around critical issues in the community at a transitional moment in the neighborhood’s history.
  • The Community Profile & Vision Report articulated the Hunts Point community’s concerns and hopes, identified community development priorities and presented an implementation strategy to realize these goals.

Sustainable South Bronx

Sustainable South Bronx

The planning process involved outreach meetings to assess the needs of the community.