D’Iberville Mississippi Community Plan
& Vision Report

D’Iberville, Mississippi


Mercy Housing & Human Development (Mercy Housing) is a faith-based organization that provides a range of social services and housing assistance to low-income residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Mercy Housing provides home ownership opportunities to low-income families through research, analysis, advocacy, direct services and community organizing. Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Mercy Housing & Human Development has focused on ensuring adequate, affordable housing for all people on the Mississippi Coast.

Scope of Work

Alembic assisted Mercy Housing & Human Development in designing and implementing a community visioning process in D’Iberville, Mississippi. D’Iberville, a small city across the bay from Biloxi, was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina, with the storm surge destroying many homes along the city’s bayous. Alembic worked with senior Mercy Housing staff and key community stakeholders to design a planning process and to tailor interview and survey questions to the specific circumstances of a post-Katrina D’Iberville. These included questions around Mercy Housing’s efforts to place a primary care clinic/emergency shelter in one D’Iberville neighborhood. Alembic’s work included a survey of 250 residents, interviews with local residents, business owners and elected officials and open community meetings.


The community profile that Alembic Community Development compiled outlines residents’ and community leaders’ goals for rebuilding the city. It has served as a tool to shape the mission and objectives of Mercy Housing and Human Development to better reflect the needs of the community it aims to serve.


D’Iberville Mississippi Community Meeting

Open community meetings allowed the voices of local residents to impact the planning process.