Community-Based Planning

Alembic Community Development assists community leaders and neighborhood residents in identifying community development needs, priorities and aspirations through the design and implementation of community visioning processes that lead to concrete implementation strategies. We do not plan for planning’s sake. Rather, we strive to coordinate community-based visioning and planning initiatives that focus on neighborhood capacity building and participatory implementation. Each of our community planning processes is tailored to meet the particular circumstances of individual neighborhoods, but our approach generally includes the following components that contribute to the completion of a community profile, vision and development agendas and implementation plan:

  • Community surveys;
  • Land use and building condition assessments;
  • Interviews with community residents and leaders;
  • Focus groups addressing particular areas of concern;
  • Community meetings to present summary findings; and
  • Local Advisory Committee meetings.

Selected Projects

Kiosk in Manhattan's Chinatown

Neighborhood plan for Manhattan’s Chinatown, one year after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

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d'Iberville, Mississippi Meeting

Community visioning process and plan for D’Iberville Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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East Biloxi Community Restoration Initiative

East Biloxi Community Restoration Initiative, a community planning and rehabilitation effort in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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Sustainable South Bronx

Sustainable South Bronx

Sustainable South Bronx, a nonprofit community- based organization in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx, develops and implements integrated economic and environmental programs in the South Bronx and offers innovative job training, public advocacy and educational programs for community residents.

Alembic Community Development partnered with Sustainable South Bronx to design and implement a planning process to address community assets and needs in the Hunts Point neighborhood. In recent years, Hunts Point has seen the relocation of New York City’s primary wholesale markets, including the Fulton Fish Market and the City’s meatpacking district, by projects led by City agencies and by businesses that are new to the community. One recent proposed initiative planned to locate a City prison on the site of an old power plant in the neighborhood. This proposal was ultimately abandoned.

The planning process included data analysis, a community survey, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups. The resulting document, In My Backyard: A Profile of Hunts Point with Recommendations for Realizing Community Members’ Vision for their Neighborhood [download PDF], provided a community vision and plan for the neighborhood as well as a series of recommendations on workforce development, affordable housing, open space, community health, public safety and community identity.